Who is Abid Traders

Cement Provider and Traders

Since 1984, Abid Traders is a prominent name dealing in marketing, supplying and distribution of the cement products. We are absolutely an authentic source to avail the best quality products and services in the market. The leadership of the firm Mr. Abid Asghar, a promising businessman who constantly does efforts in meeting the evolving challenges along with his team to ensure competitive edge.

Our Heart Values

Abid Traders is a renowned trading company


Quality is the fundamental value that forms the basis of all plan designed by AT. It is basically a way of life and an elementary factor guiding all associated actions in the right direction and giving an impact on the overall dealings of the business with our stakeholders.

Our focus point is building mutually productive relationships with our vendors and customers to not only create a partnership based value chain but also to learn about the latest business practices and implement the same for improved business experience.


We are a customer oriented company and always have the flexibility in our operations to cater all type of contingencies and varying needs of our valued clients so that their operations may continue without any interruption.

We are a team of dynamic professionals who firmly believe in the combined good of the company by delivering the best possible services. Our professionals carry multi-dimensional disciplines and they work as a single TEAM to ensure that the firm’s goals and objectives are met within the given timelines.

We feel proud in serving the nation and our clients with paramount commitment and in every possible manner which is reflected in our conduct of services. Contributing towards development of the society is reflected in our organization from top to the bottom layers.